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Posted on Thursday, 25 January 2018 by Ryan Jones

For those of us who use Cheap Wholesale METCON DSX FLYKNIT 2 Sports shoes black/chile red/vast grey Buy Cheap Limited Edition ZhLbEKx
such as JAWS, NVDA, or VoiceOver to access information on the Web, the user experience can be quite different from those who can visually see the content. One of my goals throughout the many accessibility focused training classes I have led has been to help others more accurately understand what it is like for someone using screen reading software to navigate through a web page.

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by Damien Pobel .

It is common place for most people to want to jump straight into the technical details:

While these are all important considerations, it is best to first step back and ask:

What is the experience like and how can I simulate that experience if I can see the screen ?

What is the experience like and how can I simulate that experience if I can see the screen

To that end, I would like to present several illustrations that have been effective for communicating answers to these questions.

An open door

Let’s set the stage for our first illustration. Imagine you have just opened a door and are looking into a large conference room. In the center of the room is a large conference table with 10 chairs (5 on each side of the table). Seated at the table are 2 men and 2 women. All 4 people are seated at the same side of the table (they are facing the door you are standing at). On the far side of the room (behind the people seated at the table) are 3 large windows that look out over a courtyard with benches, flowers, and small trees. On the right side of the room is a counter with a coffee pot and microwave sitting on it. The left side of the room has a large flat screen television mounted on the wall.

Assuming you are not already familiar with the layout of this room, what is the first thing you would do upon opening the door? Some of you might visually scan the room from left to right. Some might scan from right to left. Others might first look at the table in the center and then scan the perimeter of the room. No matter how you do it though, most of you would in some way scan the room with your eyes to get a quick sense of the layout and contents of the room. The scan might only take a couple of seconds and most of you won’t even realize you did it. You might then focus in on certain elements of interest such as the people sitting at the table or the large flat screen television.

Now, let’s re-imagine the scene and this time when you open the door, the room is completely dark. No light is present and you can see absolutely nothing at first glance. You have been given a small flashlight though and when you switch it on, the light allows you to see a small area at a time. The area you can see is a small circle about 2 feet in diameter and nothing outside that circle is illuminated.

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Between the age of 4-6 months your baby may start showing signs of being ready for solids. If this is the case, you should consult with your healthcare practitioner about the best way forward. Many babies do start on solids in this age bracket and one of the signs of readiness (along with other signs) is more frequent night waking out of genuine hunger. There is a long-standing myth that starting solids will quickly mean your baby is sleeping better at night, however this is not necessarily true. When your baby starts solids the amount they will be taking is relatively small, increasing every few days, so the impact on their night sleeping won't be very noticeable right away. We advise caution around the timing and choice of solids too - lunch is the best meal to start with and babies under 10 months shouldn't be having protein at dinnertime as it can actually cause MORE night waking due to a baby's inability to effectively digest protein at night when their metabolism is slowed. If you're unsure where to begin, our Buy Cheap With Credit Card Online For Sale Marsèll Listone derbys Brown Clearance Nicekicks Buy Online Authentic N006gIARhl
have all the details and timings for you. Thisarticle provides some more information about solids.

By 4 months you'd want to aim to start decreasing the assistance you're giving your baby to help them settle to sleep. If you're feeding or rocking your baby to sleep they will need you to replicate this each time they wake between sleep cycles in the day and at night. We have many gradualmethods in our Amazon Sale Online Cheap Best Altra Footwear Torin 3 Outlet Cost Pre Order For Sale 9hpgy3
to help you teach your baby to fall asleep without assistance.

The environment your baby sleeps in can have a big impact on their settling and sleep at this age - especially because they're becoming a lot more aware. The very first thing that will help your baby settle better and sleep for longer periods is a good swaddle. Swaddling ensures babies can't startle themselves awake with their moro reflex, which doesn't disappear until around 4 to 6 months. Some babies are swaddled for even longer than that!

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is another key component in helping your baby to settle and sleep. White noise is extremely comforting to babies and helps them tune out and fall asleep. We recommend playing it louder than your baby's cries to calm them and as loud as a shower when sleeping. Use white noise for all your baby's naps and overnight too. White noise can be a really effective toolin helping your baby learn to self-settle: it's what we'd call a "positive sleep association" - when your baby wakes between sleep cycles they hear the same sound they heard when they went to sleep and it signals to them that it's still sleep time.

Once your baby reachedaround 8 weeks old there wasa shift in their hormonal balance as the hormones they had from birth and from you wore off. One of these hormones is called Melatonin and is responsible for helping us sleep and stay asleep. Melatonin is only produced and released in the dark, so sleeping your baby in a dark room is an excellent way to promote good sleep. Like all mammals, babies also find the dark comforting - they aren't afraid of the dark as older children might be; babies are not capable of mature emotions like fear. Avoid the use of night lights as these will actually stimulate your baby more and will not help your baby switch off and sleep.

Poster by Felix Pfäffli
3.7. – 20.9.15 Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, Lucerne 7.4.16 Swiss Embassy, Beijing, China
12.5. – 24.6.16 mymon­key gal­lery, Nancy, France

200 years of tourism in Cen­tral Switzer­land. The Lucerne poster fes­ti­val Welt­for­mat is using this mile­stone anniver­sary as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to refresh the genre of the tourism poster. In col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Lucerne School of Art and ­Design and the Swiss Muse­um of Trans­port, the asso­ci­a­tion is pre­sent­ing a poster exhi­bi­tion in the Rail Trans­port Hall of the muse­um. The his­to­ry of posters in Switzer­land began with the tourism poster. For decades, the poster rep­re­sent­ed Switzer­land in an emo­tion­al and remark­ably cre­ative way and up until now has not lost any of its appeal. Sym­bols from trans­port his­to­ry could always be read­i­ly seen on posters. Whether moun­tain rail­ways, ships or the Postau­to, trans­port made the arrival of mass tourism pos­si­ble in the first place. Instead of the styl­ish­ly designed posters of the last few decades, nowa­days a range of pho­to posters based on adver­tis­ing con­cepts and imagery are pro­duced. The exhi­bi­tion aims to show that cre­ative free­dom, when used effec­tive­ly, can pro­voke sur­pris­ing and strong emo­tion­al results. The poster exhi­bi­tion, which is being launched in the Muse­um of Trans­port, will con­sist of two the­mat­ic groups and will present a total of 36 posters. In terms of design, they rep­re­sent the zeit­geist with­out neglect­ing the tra­di­tion of the Swiss tourism poster.

Part­ners: Hochschule Luzern – Design Kun­st , Store Online 100% Guaranteed Lucchese Bryson Peanut Brittle Cowboy Boots x0bkDy
, Mul­tire­flex , Discount Free Shipping Best Seller Caterpillar Bushwick Geniue Stockist Cheap Online Fast Shipping 99f7EhN4e
Poster by Erich Brechbühl
Reto Leuthold, Reto Moser/Tobias Rechsteiner, Alice Kolb/Daniel Peter, Kasper-Florio
Lina Müller/Luca Schenardi, Prill Vieceli Cremers
Afrika, Niklaus Troxler, Remo Caminada, Claude Kuhn
Anna Haas, Peng Peng, Erich Brechbühl
Samuel Steiner, Hi, Yves Krähenbühl
Annina Schäubli, Simone Juon, Joel Burri
Luca Rosso, Cécile Kobel, Joel Burri
Swiss Embassy, Beijing
Swiss Embassy, Beijing
mymon­key gal­lery, Nancy
mymon­key gal­lery, Nancy
19.6. – 5.7.15 Calm Punk Gallery, Tokyo
24.7. – 1.8.15 Vitrine Gallery, Kyoto

As a cul­tur­al con­tri­bu­tion to the 150 Years Anniver­sary of the Diplo­mat­ic Rela­tions between Switzer­land and Japan, Welt­for­mat Poster Fes­ti­val in Lucerne, Switzer­land, has ini­ti­at­ed a project to bring togeth­er design­ers from Japan and Switzer­land. Dur­ing the last cen­tu­ry, design­ers from both coun­tries have made a great con­tri­bu­tion to the field of poster design. Their atti­tudes and meth­ods have had a strong impact on visu­al com­mu­ni­ca­tion world­wide. For this exhi­bi­tion, six renowned design­ers and design stu­dios from each coun­try were invit­ed to design a poster. In recent years, all of the par­tic­i­pat­ing design­ers have attract­ed inter­na­tion­al atten­tion through uncon­ven­tion­al poster design. For this project, they were asked to design a poster, address­ing the key­word exchange. The aim was to encour­age a dia­log about con­tem­po­rary poster design, as well as to inves­ti­gate how atti­tudes and inter­ests of design­ers from both coun­tries dif­fer or cor­re­late. The result is an excit­ing visu­al dia­logue between twelve design­ers from two nations. After show­ing the posters at the Welt­for­mat Poster Fes­ti­val in Lucerne, Switzer­land, last autumn, the exhi­bi­tion can be now seen in Japan for the first time. Con­tribut­ing design­ers: Bon­bon (Zurich), Clau­di­a­basel (Basel), Demi­an Con­rad (Lau­sanne), Felix Pfäf­fli (Lucerne), Johnson/Kingston (Lucerne/Berne), Kazu­nari Hat­tori (Tokyo), Ken­jiro Sano (Tokyo), Masayu­ki Terashima (Sap­poro), Prill Vieceli Cre­mers (Zurich), Rikako Nagashima (Tokyo), Ryosuke Uehara (Tokyo), Yuma Hara­da (Osa­ka)

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